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Winter, COVID, what’s next for America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ & Me

Well our first winter in my home town of Ft. Wayne turned out to be a bit different.  First of all The Covid Virus kept us from getting out to exercise which clearly did not help my Parkinson’s and then if that wasn’t bad enough the weather was not at all conducive to being outside even when it might have been possible with appropriate social distancing. Further it appears as though the second one is not going to get a lot better.  One thing that is certain is that I am thankful that I am retired as today’s political environment would have tested me to the max and not because I am racist, but because I wouldn’t want to spend the time necessary sucking up to those in power in order to do what is politely correct. (By their definition) ...I’ve decided this would be my last post ever so ….here is my opinion if anyone is interested..

Let’s start with the basics.....Trump is never going to be my favorite person; however, and I do say a big however, is that you have to give the man credit for doing things no one else would or could tackle such as China is a communist nation with no interest in anything or anyone other than their own. For the record this opinion is not open to debate nor will I respond to anyone posting a different opinion so please keep your ideas and opinions to yourself….To pick a person or vote for someone based on anything other than results is dumb in my opinion....and parenthetically, I, for one, did like his results but clearly disliked his style.  I certainly understand his strategy and communications but it is not my preferred style.

Secondly, why does the minority opinion always appear to out duel the majority opinion ?  It literally makes no sense.  A prime example of that is that the two people who might be offended by the current women vs transgender discussion are all willing to throw the entire title nine issue in the trash because of alleged political correctness / whim of the day.  This is horse garbage in my opinion and if my daughter was still in competition, I ...for one would be even more livid and adamantly outspoken on the topic. Lastly ,why do we want to continue to recostruct history...America is the envy of the world even with  wackos currently in charge…

Is America perfect, absolutely not…..Is it better than anywhere that is under socialism, a big heck yes it is....why doesn’t someone mention that if, and I do stress if , America sucks so badly, why are people risking their lives or the kids life (not to mention breaking the law)  for a chance to come and be a US citizen ?

Here is my grand plan for immigration. 1) send all teachers who want to reconstruct history while embracing critical race theory to the warm boarder as they can teach CRT and assist in the dividing of Americans.  It is glaringly obvious to me that separating people because of race, or political party, sexual preference, is at not getting any one other than the political class both democratic and republican any further ahead.

Last tantrum on my part is this:  Leave Trump and his family alone just as they should leave you alone in 4 years when the competition gets their asses handed to them.  

Lastly, thank many of you for your comments on previous posts…I do hope that the blog has done what was intended and that was to thank those who helped me along the way…it has been great life and I am very grateful for all help along the way.  A special thank you for my wife (Kathy) of 31+ years who when she married me for better or worse never contemplated it might get this interesting….thank you for being my rock.

So a very big thank you is how I will end this blog….to all those who have helped me along the way and I haven’t begun to thank all I should have thanked ,but I did at least do some of them which is better than even I originally imagined…I have enjoyed it immensely…



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