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Christmas, a time to remember

Christmas has always been a time to reflect for me. This year I plan to reflect in a different way as part of this week’s post. Please indulge me as the post will not be in the normal vein or follow any sequential pattern that I had “semi" established. In this post, I have made a list of those who are no longer living as a way to share my Christmas thoughts with you. My project ascribes just a single word that comes to my mind when I think of these important people. You may recognize some of these people as subjects of a past post, but all have made a difference in my life and career. Little did I realize how difficult a one word description would be. Starting with my mother and grandparents and working through others without explanation of who they were, and what effect they had, I will make my best attempt at recognizing them here.

To each of you...I think of you often. Some of you were Christian, some of you were Jewish, but all personified the spirit of the season we celebrate. Here are those one-word thoughts:

Eileen Spuller - creative
James Spuller - checkers
Leona Spuller - compassionate
Paul Monroe - frugal
Bessie Monroe - gentle
Art Hughes - talented
Ed Justa - astute
John Suveges - professional
Dave Dalton - affable
Dick Chappell - gregarious
Palmer Maples - teacher
Elsie Maples - gentle
Joe Fitzpatrick - inspiring
Adelaide Fitzpatrick - faith
Kerry Smith - competitive
Faye Smith- thoughtful
Dean Smith- giving
Rose Hyde - generous
Gilbert Meyers - misunderstood
Robert Meyers - generous
Carl Shoudell - professional
Dick Eckstein - charitable
Moe Meyers - encouraging
Dick Early - loyal
Sue Potempa - humor
Bob Allen - talented
Bud Mull - classy
Bob Stimpson - compassionate

Reader, here is your assignment...try this exercise with those who have been near and dear to your heart, but are no longer living. I know I have been blessed by many who have passed, and I believe those interactions made me a better person.

This most likely will be the last post of 2015. I hope you have been entertained, amused, or spurred to some action resulting from my "post corporate life" retirement posts. Please comment or send me your feedback on whether the posts are germane and helpful to you. So that you know, the list could have been much longer so my apologies to those not highlighted.

Best to you and yours in 2016. Until next time...

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