A blog to acknowledge those who should have been acknowledged and thanked more appropriately before, and to possibly help you in your lives and career by provoking thought, reflection and reading material that might well alter your career and life. If it prompts you to contemplate and acknowledge those in your life, even better.

Paying it forward...

The posts to this blog are nearing the end of the first full year, so I ask you to please humor me with a small directional change...I have dedicated most of the posts to people who were already in place that helped me, but today's post addresses people that I brought into the circle, "inherited" or was a part of the recruitment process.  It has been said (and I concur) that your ultimate success (long after the checks are cashed and the money spent) is ultimately measured by who you have had a chance to influence. Below you will find a partial list who I either recruited, pushed onward, mentored, or had a role (however minor) into bringing them into a company or a role. This list starts with the person helping me with the blogs you have been reading and ends with the person who I now do sales coaching for in the firm he leads.  Other than that, there is no prioritization of any of the names. Whether or not you know them, like them, or will ever meet them is not the point.  The point is that in some fashion they have changed their industry and have made a demonstrable difference in many other peoples careers and lives.

I will undoubtedly forget someone, and for that I must use the age, and lack of writing it down excuse.  It is not lost on me that my role in their career was but a nanosecond of time. Regardless of the aforementioned inconvenient fact, I still have some pride that I "may" have played a small role in their business life. As President Kennedy famously stated "The torch is passed to a new generation"...Thank goodness I didn't burn down the building first before the torch was passed.

Jill Peckingham
Jennifer Bell
Mike LaRocca
Lynn Hartung
Jim Rudder
Jim Breeney
Mike Stankard
Steve Pahl
Greg Stitts
Mike Rastigue lll
Read Davis
Jeffrey Smith
Brian Cooper
Carla Goodwin
Tonya StClair
Dave Seiller
Tom Ealy
Bernadette Goldman
Greg Evans
Dennis Donahue
Crys Blankenship
Don Sprague
Doug Stough
George Arvanitis
Halle Beddes
Jill Tellez
Jillian Slyfield
Jim Bayne
Jim Mathewson
Jodie Devries
Mike Kern
Yuri Brown-Cruzet
Vicki Leininger
Tim Leman

If you know one of these people reach out to say hello, and offer them your sincere sympathy for enduring the wrath of Spuller for whatever small time they had in the barrel.  For anyone I might have missed, my profound apologies.  For those on the list, thanks for being a part of my business life. Until next time...In the meantime...follow the blog!

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  1. PJS - In your foundational advice to Acknowledge, 'influence' is completely insufficient to what you have done for me as:
    1. A cagey interviewer
    2. An easy yet complex, prankster boss who pushed me forward on little basis but your incredible instinct that none of your proteges will let you down
    3. A gracious benefactor, who quietly passed on the gift you learned from your mentors of a blunt but supported message: get a good suit so we can be seen together
    3. A wonderfully thoughtful friend who in the sea of people one meets in this big world takes the time to call you up to say 'ohhi - how are you' or tell a joke or share an empathetic rant on the latest morons in our paths
    4. A continually dedicated coach sharing and repeating (for those of us who may have stubborn resistance to your valuable advice and slow pace of change)
    5. A proselytizer of 'Paying It Forward' which has given me joy as I try to pass on your gifts to me


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