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Arnold Palmer

The golfer....not the drink, has had a profound impact on many lives, mine included. The past week or so of reflection has been surreal. Much like when Bob Hope & Ben Hogan died, there seems to be the sentiment that an era is behind us as another legend has passed.  For me, it goes back to the mid 60's and viewing AP on the tube, and thinking about how cool it must be to be a PGA professional.  Sometime in 1968 or 1969 I first saw Arnold in person along with Miller Barber at Cedar Creek GC in Leo, IN playing an exhibition...under the category of mildly ironic, one of the caddies that day (Dave Gilbert) is now the Golf Professional at Cedar Creek.  Clearly Arnold and I were not "friends", but we were business acquaintances as I did have the pleasure of meeting him several times over the years with the last time being in the early to mid 70's when he was at Bay Hill and I was at Cypress Creek GC ( all in Orlando). Because of Arnold and others before him, I viewed it as an honor to be a PGA Member. As discussed in previous posts that background led to good success in my post golf career as well.

To this day I remember Arnold treating me as an equal even though I clearly was not (stating the painfully obvious)!  How he conducted himself on and around the golf course allowed all of us to be proud of our profession....Thanks and RIP AP as you will be missed....When you get time say hello to John Suveges, Bill Kratzert Jr, Palmer Maples and Ed Justa for me as you sit around the lunch table at the "Heavenly Hills CC".....

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