A blog to acknowledge those who should have been acknowledged and thanked more appropriately before, and to possibly help you in your lives and career by provoking thought, reflection and reading material that might well alter your career and life. If it prompts you to contemplate and acknowledge those in your life, even better.


As a general statement... I don't care for funerals.  This is especially true of those funerals happening for those in my generation. One expects your parents to pre-decease you, or your friends' parents, but when it is your peer group or age, it really hits home.

I just came back from a funeral of a dear friend of mine, Clif Lee, in South Carolina. It struck me as I drove back that only by the grace of God are any of us here.  Further, it is that same grace that allows my friend Clif and others to be in a much better place.

While I am clearly sad for all those I have lost, I couldn't be happier that each of them are "new" again, and with their maker.  It doesn't ease or fill the void, but it does give us all hope that tomorrow can be, and will be better because of our faith.

Rest in peace, dear friend. Someday I will see you again, but until then, thanks for all that you were to many. In his honor, here is an earlier post on Clif Lee.

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