A blog to acknowledge those who should have been acknowledged and thanked more appropriately before, and to possibly help you in your lives and career by provoking thought, reflection and reading material that might well alter your career and life. If it prompts you to contemplate and acknowledge those in your life, even better.

Boss...a four letter word

Boss… A single four letter word can either make your life a living hell, or joy to go to work.  I was very fortunate in my career in that there a lot more of the latter, than the former.  In this blog I intend on focusing on those who made a dramatic impact on my career and forget those that were another four letter word… Putz!!

In beginning my first job at Mr. Wiggs, I was blessed to have Don Wilson, Kenny Ketzler, Andy Bubb and Carl Shoudel. Each of whom all taught me the value of hard work, honesty, and fostered my love for sales which clearly was a sign of things to come.  In thinking back, it is hard to believe the profound impact these four people had on my future.

After college, then into my golf career, I was extremely fortunate in that I had great mentors, leaders and bosses.  Moving sequentially and starting with Ed Justa and Wayne McKinney at Cypress Creek in Orlando.  Both of them installed a strong work ethic, a strong desire to learn, and the will to succeed regardless of the odds.   When I think back, I cannot overstate the importance of having those these people in my life at that time.   From there I move to John Suveges at Orchard Ridge CC who taught me the value of loyalty and work ethic.   I can assure you that much was learned as well as socialized at ORCC.  This was followed by a very positive year spent at the Fort Wayne CC under the tutelage of Bill Kratzert Jr. who taught me the value of doing what was right and with great class.  A previous blog addressed my time with Bill, but the timing and the lessons learned were well beyond important.

I then fast forward to the insurance business and mention Bill Steele, Terry McCubbin, Larry Burk, Jerry Brown, Mike White, Denis Langhans, Greg Stanbury, Jack Butcher and Dan Deighton ....all had a different and distinctive approach but each had a positive impact.  From Bill and Terry having the ability to see the potential in the “lowly golf pro” to the high-level support received from Larry, Jerry, Mike, Denis, Greg, Jack,and Dan.  Each instilled the confidence in me to tackle nearly any issue within the Insurance industry.   I learned so much from each of these gentleman and cannot thank them enough. Hopefully I had a positive impact on their careers as well.

Lastly, a shout out to Tim Leman who is my “current boss”, and former colleague from years past.  While I am retired for the most part, Tim recognized (and has rewarded) the value from years ago when I was in a position to influence careers in upward directions. 

I am very thankful for the many positive bosses I have had.  Many of whom are mentioned in this blog.  There were countless others who also played a positive role in my career and for all of those I offer my profound “thank you”. For those who were a “putz” ....enough time has already been spent.  Here is your assignment, reach out and thank those who made a positive impact in your career or life. Until later....

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