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Your life, my life & QTR

Having been around finance and / or, the insurance industry for years I was always under the impression that QTR might stand for the term “quarter”in play.  As I find out from my friend and Scottsdale golfing buddy Dave Reese he states he uses it as the acronym for “quality time remaining”.  You see, the finest gift anyone can give another is his or her time as we all have a finite number of hours available.

What prompts the need for me to write this blog is that my doctor advised me last fall that he was observing some Parkinson’s tendacies.  It was confirmed earlier this week by a neurologist that I am in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease, or as he states, at least many of the tendacies.  Given the proper exercise program and some medication there is a high likelihood that it does not change my life span as it is not a death sentence as proven by Michael J. Fox, George H.W. Bush, Billy Graham(lived to nearly 100), Kirk Gibson, Linda Ronstad or Neil Diamond (to name a few) all of whom had or are having great lives.  And at pushing 66, it’s not like there is 50 yrs of QTR remaining ... LOL.. Parenthetically, my hope is that this disease might well enhance my singing /acting/ leadership skills as many of the aforementioned....

As I move to the next phase of life (admittedly a great life) I find myself grateful for the time spent with friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Further I remain eager to share more time through the useage of remaining time left on each of “our clocks”.  So, toward that end, and instead of a Go Fund Me page, I am proposing a “Go Fun Me” strategy....what this means in English is, if you have time, call, stop by, call me to ask to play golf, but reach out and not feel like it is (or you are) an imposition because your time (in my view) is precious.  This Go Fun Me strategy is not just applicable to me, but should be used for all your friends or acquaintances.  In the interim I am in search of all holistic remedies to use in conjunction with medical science to increase my own QTR.

As I order my golf balls for this year, be made aware if you run across balls that are personalized as PJS / QTR......those are mine 😂

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  1. We need to do lunch. I would enjoy comparing volleyball notes. I noticed your team volleyball photo... we held the same ball holding position. John Peterson


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