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Another retirement ( The last)

As I am re-retiring the end of this month I thought it handy to reflect upon my career.  It is now time to concentrate on my health so this will be my last retirement (time for a sigh of relief).  I have been extremely lucky to work with a plethora of great people in my work careers....many of whom I am still connected with all these years later.  I find that I have a wonderful grouping of long term friends and colleagues. I am not sure why, but I am most grateful for all.

In this note I specifically wanted to thank all those Gibson employees starting with Tim Leman...all of whom welcomed this part time sales consultant into the fold.  In the beginning I got the traditional “old codger eye rolls” similar to what you get from your teenagers, but ultimately I do hope I was able to make some small impact in the past three years.  I have enjoyed the time and very much enjoyed working with Tim Leman again.  Specifically for me it meant that things had gone full circle and I was able to view how Tim’s leadership had evolved over the years.

Ironically enough, those who might have used my business knowledge the most, requested it the least...I would also add that many more (who needed it least) took advantage of my time.  Still one of my Business life conundrums, one which I will never understand but it has been true nearly every place I have ever worked.

A special thanks to all....I do hope that you stay in touch..Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday's to all...and to all a Good bye ( play on words intended)


  1. You have always been more articulate in your gratitude, PSJ. Thank YOU!

  2. Aloha JIm.. glad to hear you are allowing yourself this time to further your quality of life.. Many blessings to you and Kathy.... I hope to be back in the Fort in January...

    Bing Crosby - Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song) - YouTube

  3. No words needed from me, you're amazing.


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