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Parkinson’s Update

 All in all I am happy to report things are going well and not progressing negatively thanks to my neurologist, CBD Oil, Moringa, restorative yoga, physical therapy and Palates.  From all my research I believe it is absolutely imperative to keep in motion. The disease has its upside too, as I have reconnected with several people, gotten a better appreciation of many people’s issues and met many new ones in the quest to find the right mixture of things to do to keep this disease at bay. In no certain order they would include Greg Hardin (CBD oil); Gina Brown (Moringa and Massage Therapy); Amy Suchdolski (restorative yoga); Nadia Banas (Pilates); Shane / Sheree @Achieve Physical Therapy; Dr. Banas (neurologist) and of course my main nurse.... Kathy

I continue with my geezer golf group once per week in season and an additional round or so each week and while I clearly don’t play as I once did I nonetheless enjoy the time immensely.  I have also found myself paying a lot more attention to friends and their health issues.  Many of my friends have it a lot worse than I do in their medical fights and I pray for each of them.

Life is good and I am thankful for everyone’s concerns and prayers.  I hope to enjoy life for some time to come. Next year is my 50th high school reunion and since I am assisting on the planning committee so it would be poor form not to participate (or so I am told)...


  1. Really good to hear, Jim. Thinking of you and your well-being.

  2. Great update Jim.....you have the right attitude and with Kathy at your side you will do well. Always thinking of you. It's time to hook up for dinner with you two, and with the other "geezers" lol.


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