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50th Reunion

Well 2020 is (I am both proud and sad to say) a monumental date for the class of 1970.....our 50th reunion is this fall...and yes (for my kids) I did graduate from something other than a one room schoolhouse.  Friday September 18, 2020 to be precise is the official date at the Hoagland Hayloft which was a haunt for many of us in high school those days.  Dances featuring local bands like The Story and even international acts like The Zombies.

Now might be a perfect time to use one of my favorite quotes “ I always believed I would get to this age, I just didn’t realize how quickly it would happen."

At the very least it is a great time to reflect over successes of the past several years.  I have been blessed with two kids, two grand kids and an extremely supportive spouse who now deals with me and my Parkinson’s disease. At least four great careers achieving more than a kid from the country rightfully deserved, or expected.  The careers in chronological order were 1) golf professional 2) Insurance and financial executive with the second largest insurance broker 3) owner and CEO of an executive search firm; and 4) insurance and financial executive for the largest insurance broker in the world.   In between I spent time at a men’s clothing store and a couple of local insurance agencies as a resource. Of all those fortuitous experiences the thing I am most proud of is the people I met and got to know. However I am most proud of my friends I have known since first grade or before and many people from my high school days.  As a matter of record, one of my golf buddies I have known since high school thanks to my Aunt and grandma.  

I am most pleased to see how well each of them have done either financially, spiritually or with their families. I am very prideful, and not at all envious of their successes. After all, who would have thought this so many years ago....certainly not me. So, let the year begin and hopefully we all get to enjoy it as the 100th seems somewhat unlikely. LOL

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  1. The Joys an happiness found along the path of pursuing the Somewhat Unlikely provides me with an energy for my soul that draws me forward unlike any other, count me in for the hundredth... or at least the 90th for sure. Enjoy your "shared" as always..


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